Backpack through Spain Box


Travel to Spain with this gourmet box!

Gift Box Includes:
200 grams: El Tofio Fumé (firm, goat milk)
200 grams: Don Heli Rosemary (hard, sheep milk)
200 grams: Zorita al Syrah (hard, raw, sheep milk)
200 grams: Mahon (hard, cow milk)
1 x Matiz Quince Paste
1 x Marcona Almonds
1 x Piparra Peppers
200 grams x Gluten Free Fig Bread
1 x Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 x Dried Figs 
1 x Sliced Iberico Chorizo
1 x Matiz Sardines



* Cheeses subject to change based on availability
* Taxes not included
* Curated in a box
* Pick-up only and requires 24 hour notice to produce 

* Gift?  If you would like to include a note for the recipient please include in the ‘Order Notes’ section at checkout

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