Raclette Night At Home (4- 6 people)


Raclette Season is here! Whether you want to treat your family or have a small gathering of close friends, a Raclette Party is the way to go!

Please inquire at 778-351-3500 or sidney@thefarmersdaughter.co for available dates.


  • 24 Hour Rental (due by noon the following business day)
  • Raclette machine rental – fits 1/4 wheel of cheese($200 replacement cost)
  • Raclette knife rental ($50 replacement cost)
  • Quarter wheel of Raclette (approximately 1.5 kg)
  • Assortment of sliced cured meats (400 grams)
  • Cornichon (200 grams)
  • Balsamic Onions (100 grams)
  • Two baguettes
  • Taxes not included

You’ll need: potatoes

Once you pick-up the kit from us, all you need to do is purchase potatoes and cook to your preference, plug in the machine, and dive into the magical world of Raclette!

The Raclette machine and knife are due back by Noon (12pm) the following day. Do not clean them. Instead, return them dirty in the crate provided. We will immediately plug it in. If it works and there’s no damage, great! If not, your card on file will be charged the amounts listed above and you can keep the machine. By renting, you agree to these terms.



Add a bottle of recommended wine!

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