We are taking pre-orders for truffles! This year we are featuring black winter Périgord truffles from France!

  • Pre-order by Thursday, December 9th at 8pm for approximate arrival of Friday, December 17th (late afternoon)
  • 20 – 60 grams
  • $3.50 / gram
  • Price & size may vary by 10%
  • Sizes and prices are approximate and will be finalized upon arrival
  • Price varies from week-to-week so we cannot guarantee exact pricing
  • We will phone you when the truffles arrive – possible delays expected

Known as the Black Diamond of Périgord, the black truffle – tuber melanosporum – is one the most revered culinary ingredients. With an intense earthy flavour, and a rich, pungent aroma, it adds depth, and a layer of sumptuous luxury to any recipe. Available during the colder months, from November till about March, reaching peak during December – perfect to add to your best Holiday dishes! 

Instructions for use and storage: Use as soon as possible. Maximum shelf-life is 5 days. It will become less fragrant the longer it is not used.  Don’t cook for long periods of time or over excessive heat. Shave over dishes at the end of the preparation or when plating. The heat from your dish will bring out the aroma and flavour of the truffle. Store in the refrigerator wrapped in a paper towel.

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Pre – order: Black Winter Perigord Truffle (France)