The Birthday Cheese Wheel Cake!


Perfect for birthdays! This cheese wheel cake has a variety goat, cow and sheep milk cheeses from Quebec, France and Spain.

Serves: 15 – 25 guests
Cake Details: Please see our Cheese Wheel Cake FAQ page for details



Top Tier: Montrachet Fermier, Goat, Unpasteurized, France
Produced by only one farmer, this raw goat’s milk cheese is wrapped in chestnut leaf. It has a fine greyish crust with a dense, snow coloured paste underneath. It has an earthy, herbaceous rind with a tangy, silky interior.
Pairs best with Burgundy whites.

Second Tier: Jersey Royal, Cow, Pasteurized, Quebec
Jersey Royal is a soft farm cheese made from whole milk. It has a slightly floral rind. Its butter and cream aromas also contain a lactic, rich and creamy taste.
Pairs best with champagne.

Third Tier: Paillot de Chèvre, Goat, Pasteurized, Quebec
In olden times, cheesemakers used to insert a single piece of straw in the centre of the cheese in order to provide support while transporting it within the province. Based on the same tradition, Paillot de Chèvre is a ripened goat cheese shaped in a traditional log with plastic straws rolled along the length of the thin, bloomy, white exterior. It is white and firm towards the centre but runnier at the edge of the rind. Balanced, flavourful, and acidulous, the cheese is slightly tangy, lactic and goaty with subtle hints of hazelnut.
Pairs best with Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling and Verdicchio. 

Forth Tier: Camembert Isigny Sainte-Mère, Cow, Raw, France
Organic Camembert from Normandy. Slightly bitter and aromatic taste.
Pairs best with Gamay or Pinot Noir. 

Fifth Tier: Zorita Al Syrah, Sheep, Raw, Spain
On the palate, its firm but smooth paste has sweet notes of ripe fruit. The smell of its crust is reminiscent of moist earth and wild mushrooms.
Pairs best with Tempranillo

As the top wheels are smaller in format and feed fewer people, additional wheels of the top tier cheeses are available for purchase.
Please call us at 778 – 351 – 3500 to discuss your needs or indicate that you’d like to purchase additional wheels in your checkout notes.
We’ll be in touch.

**Please note, you or your caterer may add risers between cake levels or serve it on a cake stand to achieve more height.

**Cakes must be ordered a minimum of four weeks before wedding or celebration date.

**Cancellations for cakes may be made up until 10 days prior to your event. Cancellations made after that date will owe the entire balance.